Standing for Freedom

America's foundation is quickly crumbling around us.  We have forgotten the principles that have carried us for generations. Things like honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, gratitude, and humility.  It is our goal to send Washington a message.  America is good! America should not be sold. The Constitution should not be a forgotten document to be trampled on. We want to take back our country!

This group will meet regularly to communicate, brainstorm, and organize a movement to bring the United States of America closer to what our founding fathers intended it to be.  

Kosciusko Silent NO More meets at 7 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. at New Life Christian Church. 744 South 325 Warsaw, IN.

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We believe in Ronald Reagan's three legged stool of conservatism. 

Fiscal, Social, and Defense

Edmund Burke

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

Kosciusko Silent NO More